About Us

SchoolMaxtas Nigeria Limited headed by a dedicated educational consultant, helps students and parents all over Africa understand and navigate the complex secondary and post-secondary selection processes in Canada and the United States. Our specialized service also assists our clients in qualifying for scholarships. Our success is hinged on our belief that the richness of education earned is directly influenced by the degree of diversity that is celebrated by the institution. Founded in Nigeria, SchoolMaxtas was created to help students and their families explore and pursue educational and professional opportunities available to them during and after secondary school.

Meet the director

Diana Whyte (B.A, MBA, PGD)

Diana Whyte is a seasoned educational consultant, with a proven track record of success in helping students navigate the rigorous process of securing admission into top Canadian institutions. She currently holds an MBA from one of the leading universities in the Caribbean.

Diana is a former lecturer and student with a leading overseas university. She is seasoned in student-centred learning and experienced in student placement with the right schools.

Her passion is education and she believes that no child should be left behind.